Top Features – Latest From SAP IBP 2211 Release

New App: Maintain Job Users

This App is very helpful when a user leaves a company/ Changes his department, and the corresponding business user must be deleted then this app will allow you to change the owner of your application job.

New App: Manage Analytics Stories

This is a part of SAP SAC. This new app offers advanced analytics and visualization capabilities and provides you with a consistent reporting experience. Users can create comprehensive analytics overviews called analytics stories.

New App: Manage Rules for Master Data Maintenance

Rule-based master data maintenance is an easy way of enhancing your data set based on its known elements. We can create, edit, and delete rules for master data maintenance. We can configure multiple rules in the app. The rules can then be selected in the Rule-Based Master Data Maintenance application job to mass-maintain master data on a schedule aligned with your requirements.

New Application Job: Rule-Based Master Data Maintenance

To execute the rules that are created in the Manage Rules for Master Data Maintenance App we can make use of the Rule-Based Master Data Maintenance application job.

Sharing Content with Write Access

Now we can grant write access to users or user groups while sharing the content using Content Administration App. This is possible for the types such as Alert definition, Alert subscription, Alerts overview, Analytics chart, Analytics story, Dashboard, Intelligent visibility profile, Planner workspace, and Procedure playbook.

New Business Catalogues for Subsets of Application Job Templates

Without providing access to the Application Jobs app, new business catalogs are available that contain application job templates for a specific business area. These business catalogs allow users to start application jobs from apps such as Planner Workspaces and Monitor Application Jobs. Using these business catalogs we can make sure that users have only access to those application job templates that are relevant to them.

Enhancements to Business Log Download

In the Application Logs, the system will break down the large business logs into smaller files for time-series-based supply planning. We can use the default name/give a name and download that to our local computer. These files will expire after 7 days and are user-specific, and the files aren’t shared with other users.

Redesigned New View and Edit View Dialogs

With the download of excel add-in version 2211.2.0, we can see the design changes for the new view and edit view dialogs, but the functionality has not been changed.

Copy IDs and Technical Details From Tooltip

With the download of excel add-in version 2211.2.0, we can see a copy function to the tooltip available for attributes, key figures, planning levels, and versions.​ we can copy the IDs, and technical details of these entities (such as member ID, for example) by hovering our cursor over the text of the respective ID and clicking the icon with the quick info text Copy to the clipboard that appears.

Copy Planning View Settings to Application Jobs

With the download of excel add-in version 2211.2.0, the planning view settings of the open worksheet are copied to the application job definition by default when we choose to schedule or run the job from the application job group.

Seasonality Dummy for Multiple Linear Regression and Gradient Boosting of Decision Trees

In the Manage Forecast Models app, you can now set the multiple linear regression and gradient boosting of decision trees algorithms to use a seasonality dummy in forecasting. Seasonality dummies are system-generated features that help the algorithms identify special or unusual seasonal patterns in historical data.

Offset Handling Global Configuration Parameter Available for Further Algorithms

You can now use the READ_DATA_FOR_VARIABLE_OFFSET global configuration parameter to control the behavior of the following regression-based forecasting algorithms:

  • Gradient boosting of decision trees
Promoting Scenario to Baseline in the Inventory Analysis App

In the Inventory analysis app, we can create scenarios and do the analysis, if we are good with the results, we can update our baseline values to our scenario outputs.

Filtering Reference Master Data Types

A new section “Filter Conditions” was added for the Reference Master Data Type. We can now define a filter while creating a Reference Master Data Type or Editing a Reference Master Data Type.

Enhancements for the Manage Historical States App

We can now specify a new name for any configuration state, including archived instances of states. We can restore an archived state of a planning area regardless of whether the planning area itself is still available in the system or not. If you restore an archived state of a planning area that has been deleted, all configuration states that existed before the deletion will become available again and will be listed in the planning area history.

Enhancements to the Manage Planning Notes App

A few enhancements are made to the Planning note app with the 2211 release

  • Enhanced Visualization of attribute-based filters.
  • The selection of attributes has been changed.
  • You can change the attributes in the edit mode of the planning note detailed view.
  • A new field displays the current key figure value.
  • When you copy a planning area in the planning area app, Keywords that exist in the source planning area are now copied to the target planning area.
Sorting Based on Key Figure Value

This is a nice feature where it allows users to see the combinations with the highest or lowest key figure value at the top of their planning view. A user can focus on the planning combinations that require more attention. For Example, if a user wants to check the top-selling products or products with a low service level.​

Finite Heuristic Supports Time-Dependent Capacity Consumption Rates

The time-series-based supply planning finite heuristic now supports time-dependent capacity consumption rates for all periods of the planning horizon. Previously, the first value was taken for the entire planning horizon. Supply plans now consider the capacity consumption key figures correctly, but be aware that this gives different results from those you’ve been used to.

Enhancements to Transportation Load Building

Planning with transportation loads has become easier as we are releasing enhancements to the transportation load-building feature. As of 2211, the following improvements are available:

  • With the new Unload or Delete Load Requisitions application job, you can either delete or revert (unload) the result of a transportation load building run.
  • Load requisition items can be deleted using new interactive planning options in the Planner Workspaces app and the Projected Stock app.
  • The transportation group ID has been added for use in real-time integration. Since it is not part of the purchasing info records in SAP ECC or S/4HANA, you can use a BAdI to support the integration.
  • The Order-Based Planning: Transportation Load Building application job now considers the validity periods of transportation group – equipment type assignments.
Old IO Operators Cannot be Edited with the Deletion of the Planning Operators App

Due to the deletion of the planning operator’s app, we can no longer edit the old, deprecated IO operators. If we want to make changes /Create New IO operators, we must use the profile-based inventory optimization operators created with the Inventory Profiles app.

Deletion of SAP5 Sample Planning Area

With this release, the Sample Planning Area SAP5 is no longer available in the Sample Model Entities App. Existing copies of SAP5 are not affected by the deletion. They will remain in your system, and function as before.

Removal of File-Based Transport of Planning Filters

File-based transport of planning filters has been deprecated and we are no longer able to create file-based planning filters. We can export planning filters using Export Software Collection app by creating them as Collection Based Planning Filters.

Deprecation of the Export Software Collection and Import Collection Tiles

We must use the successor tiles, which are shown as Export Software Collection and Import Collection. The tiles for the Export Software Collection and Import Collection apps have been deprecated and are now displayed on the SAP Fiori launchpad as Export Software Collection (Deprecated) and Import Collection (Deprecated).

Deletion of Custom Alerts Overview App

With the 2211 release, Custom Alert Overview App will be deleted, and we must use the successor app Define Custom Alerts Overview.


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