• A brand new experience tailored for Marketing Team
  • An intuitive dashboard with interactive charts with insights into orders, coupons, promotions and ratings
  • Built on an SAP Hybris Commerce Platform

Abandoned Cart Reports

  • Analyse Abandoned Carts

  • Emails customers directly with personalised offer
  • Helps improve customer experience and increase conversions

Order Volume Report

  • Check trend on Cancelled Orders
  • Helps plan coupons to re-engage customers
  • Send Emails to customers with offers when orders are cancelled or rejected
  • Helps build customer confidence and drive sales

Product Rating Report

  • Insights into top rated Promotions
  • Helps strategize product promotions
  • Analyse customer feedback on poorly rated products
  • Helps provide incentives to honest reviews

Coupon Redemption Report

  • Visualize usage of coupons

  • Provides insights for future promotions

Promotion Consumption Report

  • Check consumption trends
  • Strategize future promotions

Marketing Management

  • Bird’s Eye view from Marketing Team
  • A tailored cockpit
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