This application serves as a comprehensive tool for managing project documents, ensuring the timely dissemination of accurate information to the appropriate stakeholders. Provides seamless notifications to track document status during the approval process, with timely reminders.

Key Features

  • Easy to handle documents in bulk and easy to monitor. 
  • Manage files that are larger in size. 
  • Timely alerts will be sent through emails on every document approval, return, send or create. 
  • Easy to handle the documents between several departments in a single portal. 
  • Manages the processes around documentation within the organization. 
  • File documents in digital records and ensure appropriate storage. 
  • Remainder mail notification. 
  • Shows the overall status report of the documents. 


  • Integrating email for sending notifications and conveniently locating and monitoring documents.
  • Simplified means of monitoring document status while awaiting state approval.
  • Documents require verification by a deadline, with a reminder email sent two days prior if pending verification.