Shopfloor Management solution consists for suite of application to mange Shopfloor activity.

  • Employee Clock In and Clock Out

  • Employee Supervision

  • Work allocation and Tracking

  • Prescheduling

  • Operations Status

  • Customer Status visibility

  • Inventory Report

Business Drivers

  • Manufacturing

    • Increase on time production performance
    • Increase utilization of resources
    • Reduce rework and improve quality
    • Improve visibility of shop floor operations
  • Supply Chain

    • Increase on time delivery performance to customer
    • Improve visibility and communication to customers

Employee Clock In and Clock Out

  • A real time application to get Employee In Time and Out Time

  • Validation based on shifts and Contract Rules

Employee Supervision

  • Operator Points maintenance

  • Manual Time Entry of Operator

  • Change Operator Shift Schedule
  • Time Report of Operators
  • Leave Approvals

Work Allocation and Tracking

  • Assign task/activity to an operator at specific time

  • Operators activity report
  • Maintain Notes
  • Timesheet and Log maintenance


  • Preplan the work and resource allocation
  • Validate operator skill and work allocation

Operations Status

  • Ability to Ring-On and Ring-Off a production order

  • Ability to Scan Order
  • Order Status overview
  • Operation Dashboard

Customer Visibility application

  • Ability for the customers to check the status of the orders
  • Notes and target dates
  • Specification maintenance

Inventory Report

  • Track Inventory

  • Material usage track
  • Issue material based on Order operation
  • Operator monitoring

  • Operation monitoring
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Order monitoring