SAP Screen Personas – What is the latest?

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SAP Screen Personas – Latest Release

The need to run Classis SAP GUI screens on Mobile was fulfilled by the launch of Slipstream Engine for SAP screen Personas. But with more and more customers Moving towards the use of Slipstream Engine it was time to add more capabilities. Thus SAP Screen Personas 3.0 with SP07 was launched and has many new features.

Why go For SAP screen Personas 3.0 SP07

There are no more limitations of Whitelisted Transactions that cannot be used with SAP screen personas. And although many additional features are available with SP07 some of the major ones are as mentioned below.

ViewPort API– A viewport API is a part or subset of the Flavor which can be used break more complex screens. Thus, simplifying the Screen Display and suit them for Mobile. As at any point of time only a small part of the overall screen is loaded, this also improves Load Time and performance of the Flavor. A Typical example for Using Viewports would include complex screen involving Tab strip control.

Mobile Rendering with Adaptive Design – A preview window that shows Flavor on Mobile device sizes. Although preset sizes are available, we can also add custom sizes and preview them. This helps in re-aligning fields for different mobile devices while designing the flavor.

Additional Flavor editing capabilities also include –

  • RFC tool is now available for Web Dynpro ABAP
  • Newly added Scripting API: executeScriptAsync allows you to break up long running scripts into smaller chunks that are executed asynchronously. This way 2 scripts can run side by side improving overall performance Time taken
  • Another newly added Scripting API: resetProperty allows you to reset or restore the value of the property to that of the original screen or assigned flavor
  • Ability to designate template as final by versioning of templates and draft support
  • Ability to copy the Flavor to a different transaction
  • Manage the parent flavor and its adaptive flavors as a collection

Future Commitment by SAP

SAP Screen Personas 3.0 will be supported until at least Dec. 31, 2023. Also, a Cloud deployment options is in the pipeline for SAP Screen personas. The Plan is to also add enhanced Scripting and Debugging tools for developers in Future.

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