SAP Commerce: What is Backoffice Product Cockpit


SAP Commerce provides Backoffice Tools to manage products, web content, search configuration for the business users.

Backoffice Product Cockpit (Product Content Management – PCM) launched as part of v6.4 enables business users to manage product attributes, pricing, multimedia and variants.

Backoffice Product Cockpit of v6.4+ is built on top Next Generation Backoffice Framework using the latest version of ZK framework. ZK framework is renowned for its “Ajax without JavaScript” approach, enabling developers to build rich internet applications without the knowledge of client-side scripting such as JavaScript.

The new Backoffice Framework offers intuitive design and provides a better user experience compared to the Older Cockpit framework, which was used to build the v5.x PCM Cockpit.

Backoffice Product Cockpit provides 4 views to manage product data

  1. Welcome Dashboard view – provides an insightful analytics to make informed decisions
  2. Product Search and Brows view – allows to add, modify the product data
  3. Assortment View – allows to manage categories in a drag ‘n’ drop mode
  4. Compare View – allows to compare two or more products against their attributes

Apart from Product management capabilities, Backoffice Product Cockpit offers capabilities to improve the productivity of the business users such as Drag and Drop operations, Data Validation alerts, a view into the Data Quality Coverage and a better way to Publish data to production.

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