Integrated Payment and Shipping builds Customer Confidence

By 2020, most of the payments would be electronic in nature. Gone are the days when cash is the king. In today’s age, where most of the retail activity is shifting to online, it has become evident that retailers and brands need to pay attention towards integrations to payment, shipping and other in-house systems.

For instance, when a customer walks into a store we do not ask the customer to walk into a separate store to make payment and then another store to receive their purchased goods or services. On similar lines, integrated payments and shipping gives the customers the flexibility to make payments and simultaneously track their purchased goods and/or services on the same platform, which builds customers’ confidence.

Integrated Payment and Shipping for building Customer confidence

Payment gateways and shipment tracking give additional advantages apart from strengthening customers belief in Ecommerce retail.

  • Typically, apart from making payments fast and secure, consumer also gets the liberty to pay through their preferred payment modes like credit or debit cards, online payment, ACH etc.,

  • Customers may opt to choose recurring billing as an option for products that they will be purchasing regularly, this not only saves times but also works as an automated replenishment and is a win-win situation for both the customer as well as the business

  • Online Shoppers can take advantages of the various loyalty programs offered on their respective cards or payment modes

  • Giving the customer the assurance of secure payment would also act as a motivating step in encouraging customers to save the payment mode for future purchases

  • Integrated shipment tracking gives the consumers a hassle-free experience, where they do not have to visit multiple websites to track the status of their purchased products

  • Shipment tracking also aids customers when they opt for a recurring billing purchase or a multiple products order, as the customer no longer needs to worry about multiple tracking numbers, jumping into multiple websites. All the information can be made available on the same Ecommerce platform

It is not just for the consumer who benefits. Having an integrated Payment and Shipping also has benefits for brands or retailers, a few of which are:

  • No more redundant entries

  • No more calculation mistakes

  • No more misplaced invoices

  • No more misplaced shipments

  • No more wrong product shipping

Owing to such great benefits, it is wise to say that having integrated payments and shipment tracking services will not only improve the efficiency and profits but also reduces time and effort, and is therefore a trend to watch out for.

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