Digitalizing a Shop Floor with SAP Cloud Platform IoT

One of the challenges in manufacturing today is the digitalization of shop floors. Gaining real-time insights for the top-floor executives into the shop floor statuses, increasing productivity and OEE without breaking the bank can be done through SAP Cloud Platform’s IoT solutions.

Using SAP Cloud Platform’s IoT for responsive Shop Floor

The SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things (IoT) enables customers and partners to develop, customize, and operate Internet of Things business applications in the cloud. With secured Connections to Remote Devices and with wide range of supported Protocols SAP Cloud Platform IoT enables collection and processing of the Sensor Data at the Edge or in the Cloud. It also provides role-based access to devices’ data, supported by a Multi-Tenant database on Cloud.

Logical models (Digital Twin) of the devices are enabled by Device Management and Message Management APIs provided by the SAP Cloud Platform.  The IoT Edge platform supports variety of protocols and addresses network latency, bandwidth and cost savings. The IoT Edge Gateway can be compared with SAP Plant Connectivity (SAP PCo) tool for integrating Shop Floor machinery data at the Edge.

Streaming the critical and periodic data to SAP Cloud Platform’s IoT is of tremendous use in building Business Applications. IoT data on SAP Cloud Enables manufacturer, operator and service provider stay connected equipped with real-time data. In a live business scenario, getting devices’ diagnostics data from the SAP Cloud Platform’s IoT Enables the manufacturer to improve on any defects, the service provider to do preventive maintenance or plan for it.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves Shop Floor operations and provides visibility to real-time shop floor statuses

  • Significantly improves shop floor performance as well as reduces the takt time with this integrated solution, improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Replaces slow manual process for material replenishment

  • Brings visibility over material available in stock

  • Reduces downtime on the production line with efficient Product and Process Non-Conformances processes in place

  • Immediate notification and escalation processes in place to bring attention to and resolve critical issues

Internet of Things at SBP Consulting

SBP Consulting has Implemented SAP Cloud Platform IoT (IoT 2.0 & IoT 4.0), Integrated with Shop Floor machinery, SAP Predictive Services Analytics, built IoT business applications with IoT Application Enablement Services, SAPUI5 and performed analytics for several business scenarios. Please contact us for further details.


Amar Kathi

Principal Solutions Architect

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