Boost Your Sales by 4 times with D2C (Direct 2 Customer)

The concept of Direct to Consumer (D2C) barely subsisted a couple of years ago, however going D2C is the hot new trend now. As per the 2018 Forbes purchase index intent, 8 out of 10 online shoppers would intend to buy directly from the respective brands within the next 5 years. It is also worth noting that many established organizations that have long operated in traditional brick-n-mortar practices are jumping onto D2C bandwagon. Of late, legacy manufacturers such as NIKE, ADIDAS, L’OREAL and Consumer packaged goods (CPG) organizations such as Procter & Gamble are accelerating their D2C efforts. While Ecommerce represents less than 5% of overall CPG sales, according to a study by Boston Consulting Group, the D2C movement accounts for 40% of the sales growth in the sector. This means D2C bores well beyond its weight.

As per a forecast by E-marketer, “D2C Retail ecommerce growth is still very robust globally, growing at roughly four times the rate of overall retail sales”.

Here is our recommended strategy to increase sales in D2C model –  

  • Engage your customers with Loyalty and Rewards program

  • Provide a seamless customer experience, whether it happens online or in person.

  • Enable customers with better customer service

  • Provide better return policies

  • Enable faster and free shipping

  • Dont rely on third parties to be the face of your organization

Brands that sell through third parties, on the other hand, may struggle to own the customer service, shipping, and returns process since they’re at the mercy of the retail channels they sell through. With D2C, brands can control the customer experience, soup to nuts, and ensure there is minimal to no disruption throughout the purchase journey.

SAP Commerce (Hybris) provides you with best of D2C advantage where you can capitalize on this evolving concept and have your share of the pie.

SBP offers SAP Commerce (Hybris) services to help you make the best of online retailing.

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