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Digital business models are disruptive. With 68% of metals CEOs worrying about new rivals from other industries disrupting their sector, metal fabrication companies should keep up with this ongoing transformation while impactfully reducing costs, improving asset reliability, and enhancing customer experience. Companies should focus on prioritizing digitalization to improve and streamline business processes.

SBP helps transform fabrication companies by leveraging its experience and expertise in the following SAP technologies:
  • SAP Integrated Product & Process Engineering
  • SAP ECC Process Integration and Analytics
  • SAP Manufacturing Execution System
  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization

Benefits for Fabrication Companies


Operational efficiency that keep costs at a minimum

Real-time demand monitoring for more accurate supplies forecasting


Technical assets that help create flexible business-to-people relationships

About Us

We pride ourselves on long-term, strong business relationships with our clients, whether we are outsourcing their process or just augmenting their IT staff.

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